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Venezuelan Clinical Psychologist

Salter, Ph.D

Prologue for the book Manual of Emotions (Manual de Emociones).

“You were not born to be depressed and unhappy” declared Epitectus

Now 2000 years later, this versed and expert psychologist delivers us a book which shows options on how to obtain happiness.

In an analysis which is not theoretical but remains on earth for immediate competent recommendations Felícitas Kort offers this book in understandable reading.

Each page expresses a well learned practice and all that is written derives from the cutting edge of Contemporary Psychology.

Clinical Psychology

Andrew Salter

Neurotic behavior is learned behavior : conditioned emotional, verbal and motor responses plus a history of aversive events in the environment.

Wolpe, MD

Prologue for the book Behavior Therapy in Child Psychology.


The present book Behavior Therapy in Child Psychology: the important homework of being a child (Terapia del Comportamiento en Psicología Infantil: la importante tarea de ser niño) is a notable contribution to psychology in the Spanish language.


The reader, psychologist or teacher, can comprehend each of the principles of applied methodology.


Undoubtedly this book constitutes an invaluable assistance ….it will be the initiation of research on this subject by Spanish speaking professionals.


I am specially pleased that this excellent publication is the work of Felícitas Kort, one of my most distinguished disciples.

Joseph Wolpe, MD