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Prólogo del Libro "Terapia del Comportamiento en la Psicología Infantil"
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Andrew Salter
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Mary Guardino, Founder of "Freedom from Fear" Freedom-from-Fear

To whom it may concern:

This letter is a professional and employment reference for Felicitas Kort, an esteemed and well published clinical psychologist from Caracas who is moving to New York City to work with our organization in the special area of anxiety and depressive illnesses.

I have known Ms. Kort for 15 years and was personally and professionally delighted when she took the bold step to relocate to New York and affiliate with Freedom From Fear on an expanded basis.  Ms. Kort has applied for an H 1 visa, which she expects to be granted within weeks and for which we have guaranteed that Ms. Kort will work 20 hours a week at an hourly rate of $30.  It is likely she will work more hours, but 20 in the minimum.  

We look forward to working with her on a permanent part time basis.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 718-351-1717, extension 20.


Mary Guardino
Founder / Executive Director
Freedom From Fear


Dr. Howard Gurr

dr. howard gurrHello, I am Dr. Howard Gurr and I am your host for this episode of “Psychology and You” Today we are going to talk about psychotherapy, the different types of psychotherapy, the expected outcomes of psychotherapy, and lastly, psychotherapy and the needs of Hispanic groups.

My guest for today is Felicitas Kort, a Venezuelan Psychologist. Let me tell you about Felicitas before we meet her.

Felícitas Kort moved to New York City about a year ago. She was originally from Venezuela where she was a professor of Behavior and Cognitive Therapy in Caracas, Venezuela, Central University and an experienced clinician of Behavior and Cognitive Therapy. While in Venezuela, Felicitas produced and hosted her own a radio program talk show for 6 years called “HABITS AND INHABITANTS”.  On her show, she interviewed professionals, families, youth, and children with the purpose of disseminating various disorders in clinical psychology:  definitions, treatment and prevention. Besides her own show, she was frequently been interviewed by print and by the media (TV and radio) in Venezuela.

Felicitas was awarded a Grant by the USA Agency for International Development for a project entitled A TRUCE FOR VENEZUELANS: A PRELIMINARY PROGRAM FOR THE PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE, which included 12 Radio Programs and 4 TV spots.     

In addition, Felicitas published six books in Spanish on mental health issues including: (I will not try to give the Spanish titles - I would just mangle them)
•Manual of Emotions (Manual de Emociones)
•Introduction to Behavior and Cognitive Therapy (Introducción a la Psicoterapia Conductual y Cognitiva)  ,  
•Behavior Therapy for Children (Psicologia del Comportamiento Infantil)
•Behavior Therapy Techniques (Técnicas Terapeúticas Aplicadas a la Conducta) Clinical Behavior Therapy (Psicología Clínica Behaviorista.
•Group Psychotherapy (Psicoterapia de grupo) (5th edition)

Felicitas is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association,  Associate Member of the New York State Psychological Association,  International Member of the Association for the Advancement of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies New York, President of the Venezuelan Association of Behavior Therapy, Chairman of the Board of the Venezuelan Association of Psychotherapy, ex Vice-president of  the Latin American Association of Analysis and  Behavior  Modification, Peru, Member of  the Venezuelan Federation of Psychologists   Venezuela, International.